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Dr. Jaime Flores is more than just your average plastic surgeon. He prides himself in changing the lives of both children and adults through his generosity, compassion and service. His life's mission is to free those who've been stricken with physical deformities and bodily harm all around the world.

 His love for volunteer work originated from the time he was just an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, where the doctor he shadowed volunteered at a local hospital every Saturday. Here, Flores was able to capture the importance of volunteering through the patients' eyes-- seeing how appreciative they were and hearing them vocalize how much they loved the doctor for his time and help. Flores became certain he would do the same. Through The Healing Hands Foundation and the Pink Petals Foundation, Flores has been able to accomplish his long-lived goal.


The Healing Hands Foundation / THHF

The Healing Hands Foundation focuses on providing the highest quality of surgical care for children with complex congenital malformations, as well as training local professionals 
and surgeons to improve services in the area. 

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